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  • Today like never before, people are under a lot of stress because they are bombarded with information and stimulation from the outside world.


    Our minds are running 100kms an hour late into the night while our bodies just sit there numb looking into a bright screen for hours.


    We are no longer in sync by leaving our bodies in the past and our minds in the future which leaves us missing out on the present moment.


    ARETÉ Neurofeedback helps YOU disconnect from the outside world and reconnect with your inner world by bringing YOU back into balance, by bringing YOU back into the present.

  • - WHAT WE DO -

    NeurOptimal® is an advanced neuro-technology that trains your brain. NeurOptimal works with the central nervous system, by targeting "turbulent activity" that can undermine optimal brain function. This innovative form of Neurofeedback is not a medical treatment but a 100% non-invasive and safe technology that trains the brain to become more resilient and flexible when facing daily challengers, leaving one feeling calmer, clearer and happier after a session.

    We are a mobile service and provide home or office visits also you can visit our office located in Parramatta.


    Reduced stress

    Improved sleep

    Fostering resilience

    Improved focus

    Increased potential

    Deepened empathy and self-awareness

    Unleashed creativity and innovation


    Photo by Jonathan Velasquez on Unsplash

    Executives &

    Business Professionals

    NeurOptimal® helps business professionals improve their performance, lower their stress levels and connect with their creative side.


    By providing the most effective peak performance training available today, NeurOptimal® Brain Training will help you make quick decisions with confidence by providing you greater mental clarity and focus. Your speed of learning and depth of comprehension will increase giving you greater understanding and empathy when working with others.



    Dr Andy Walshe (Director of High Performance for Red Bull’s athlete development program) stated " The #1 technology equipment that can help a top athlete deal with the stress of a sports challenge or help them recover from an intense workout is NEUROFEEDBACK"


    Top athletes who use NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback have seen a huge progress in their focus and concentration by improving their resilience, both emotionally and physically.


    NeurOptimal® optimises ones brain by helping improve hand and eye coordination, balance as well as helping one achieving high performance.

    Children & Teenagers

    NeurOptimal® helps students of all ages to learn faster and more effectively by allowing more of what is learned to be retained. An optimally functioning brain can help with focus, engagement and increasing attention span.


    Parents of children who are struggling at school tend to seek out alternative options in an effort to avoid having to put their child on medications, especially at the young primary school level.

    School is not the only place parents notice shifts in their children when using NeurOptimal®. Clients report better sleep, increased sports performance, better peer relations, less reactivity to difficult situations, less arguing and resistance and an overall increase in happiness, sense of self and maturity level. Clients also report better decision making skills in teenagers.

    Tertiary Students

    Because NeurOptimal® neurofeedback training enhances concentration and mental focus, students who are doing well academically also use NeurOptimal® as a critical tool to continually improve their performance and achieve their academic goals.


    Unlike so- called “smart drugs” or neuro-enhancing pharmaceuticals, NeurOptimal® is 100% drug free and has no known side effects (apart from improved sleep!).

    Artists & Musicians

    NeurOptimal® can be used to connect to an artists' true potential. NeurOptimal® reorganises the nervous system allowing the brain to focus and enter a flow state and improving artistic performance.


    NeurOptimal® brain training can help musicians, dancers, writers, painters, singers or any other artist tap into their full potential.

    Health Challenges

    NeurOptimal® training offers help to people who suffer from many health conditions. Arete Neurofeedback regularly trains people with the following conditions - fatigue, brain fog, immune dysfunction, addictions, PTSD, brain trauma, alzheimer’s, autism, sleep disorders, insomnia, anxiety, depression and many other challenges.


    By training our brain the central nervous system has the opportunity to reorganise and rebalance itself.



    $99.00 AUD per session


    $890 AUD (save $100)


    Contact us to discuss a package that suits you needs.

  • - ABOUT US -

    Who are we?

    Matias Barroso

    Neurofeedback Trainer

    Matias is a certified Advanced NeurOptimal® Trainer.

    His passion for personal development, nutrition and sports led him to become the founder of ARETÉ Neurofeedback.




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  • - VIDEOS -

    Take a look and enjoy!

    The power of I AM.

    A short video to inform or remind you about the power of your words. Whatever you add to I AM, you will become...so choose your words carefully when you speak about yourself or others.

    Meet Abel!

    Here is a short one minute video about one of our client's Abel, who was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease four years ago.


    Parkinson's is a disorder of the central nervous system that affects movement and creates uncontrollable tremors in the body.


    NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback has helped him have a better quality of life after only having 12 sessions.

    NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback & Me

    This is my story and why NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback is a very important part of my life.

    Abel's Parkinson Story

    Abel was diagnosed with Parkinson disease 4 years ago and in this video I explain his story and how Neuroptimal Neurofeedback has help him have a better quality of life.

    NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback Explained

    Watch this amazing video to know more about NeurOptimal® and how it works!

    What is NeurOptimal Neurofeedback?

    Have you wondered how Neurofeedback works? Here is a 2 minute video we made which explains it in more detail.

    ARETÉ Neurofeedback

    ARETÉ Neurofeedback helps YOU disconnect from the outside world and reconnect with your inner world by bringing YOU back into balance, by bringing YOU back into the present.

    *Family & Friends offer ends 30 June 2017*

    Sneak Peek!

    A fun sneak peek introduction into Arete Neurofeedback. Continue to watch this space tomorrow for the official launch!


    Check out my latest Instagram updates!

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